Donald Trump’s Victory: The “Deplorable and Irredeemable” Americans Have Spoken


Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election. The polls were wrong, the mainstream and corrupt media that conspired with the Clinton campaign and tried to destroy Donald Trump, was also wrong. Even many establishment Republicans were wrong. Trump’s victory defied all predictions and is one of the greatest political victories in our two and one half centuries as a nation.

Yes, I voted for Trump, as did tens of millions of Americans, to give him the victory. The American people have spoken clearly and unequivocally. Once again, the democratic process has triumphed and we have decided what we want and also what we don’t want.

This presidential election has been a referendum on many important issues: stagnant economic growth during eight years of a failed Obama presidency, a vote against Obamacare, which was rammed through by a president out of touch with the American people, who lives in an alternate reality where things have been turned upside down and wrong has become right and right is considered wrong. It was also a referendum on the Washington establishment, of which Hillary Clinton has been a part for almost three decades. It was a decisive NO to open borders and illegal immigration. It was a definitive NO to the course towards socialism our nation has been following for decades now, in no small measure due to a left wing mainstream media, most of the professorate in our universities, and eight years of a presidency focused on changing America forever and turning it into one more failed socialist nation in the world. It was a resounding NO to the most corrupt politician running for president in the history of our nation: Hillary Rodham Clinton.  It was a decisive YES to lower taxes, a strong military, to real choices in health insurance, and very importantly, a resounding YES to the appointment of Supreme Court justices who will abide by the United States Constitution and not legislate from the bench.

Donald Trump’s victory was an unquestionable YES to life and the right of the unborn child and a resounding NO to the abortionists in this country, who have created a multimillion dollar industry with the aid and support of politicians like Hillary Clinton, with Planned Parenthood being the nation’s largest abortion vendor. Journalist Kristan Hawkins said it well: “Planned Parenthood’s grip of death has been released from the White House. Come January, their influence will be gone.”

The silent majority isn’t silent anymore because Donald Trump has given us a voice. We were mocked by Hollywood (the cream of the “crap”), and dismissed by socialist professors in their ivory towers, whose numbers have reached epidemic proportions in our Colleges and Universities. The “deplorable and irredeemable” Americans have spoken. It’s time to make America great again!

Guido F. Castellanos

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